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bwLehrpool: door signs and info boards

Jul 31, 2019 03:14 PM

The functionality behind the bwLehrpool info screens cannot only be used for door signs, but also for searching free computer pool spaces.

A good way to use this info screen functionality are the overview displays via large screen view, as is planned for example at Werthmannstr. 4, another one the simple checking via a browser. Here a couple of examples for freely usable computer pool rooms, that are also not bookable for courses. Please let us know if you would like a booking overview of a certain course room.

In the Kollegiengebäude II (KG II):

  • KG2 04-015   (
  • KG2 04-016   (


In the University library:

  • UB OG2   (
  • UB OG4   (


At Werthmannstraße 4:

  • WM4 Poolraum  2   (
  • WM4 Poolraum 7   (

(Key: dark olive - off, green - on, red - occupied, grey - off for over 10 days

The links are live, meaning that the content is updated by the bwLehrpool system when changes are made. Further examples with a calendar can be found in the ILIAS WB Admin forum)

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